“On the Excellencies of Dana Porter Library”

April 2010

Student Life 101 Ezine, April 2010 University of Waterloo

Lobbezoo wrote this parody as a Master’s student for her friend Ramez, who spent much of his time at Dana Porter Library, affectionately known as DP. 

This poem was featured in Student Life on page eleven, and was also printed and displayed in DP as a poster (see green poster below). 


On the Excellencies of Dana Porter Library 

Fairest DP, how I love thee! 

From quiet dusk, all surely see:

Thou sparklest like a jewel;

Without thee, life is cruel.

From 11pm till early morn

Ramez' studious heart is torn --

"A full nine hours without thee?

What doom hast come upon me!"

But with the morning light,

There dawns a hope so bright:

"This day -- best spent -- shall verily be

With my true, most beloved DP!"