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Coaching with Corri


An experienced coach and facilitator, Corri masterfully holds open space and asks incisive questions.

Corri's clients get clear and take action on their deepest desires.

Working with Corri means calm, clarity, and action.

  • calm. Seriously. Peace and self-acceptance are the base of our work.​

  • clarity. Have you ever processed your thoughts/feelings with someone who has zero judgement, supportive energy, wise questions and insights, and a wicked sense of humour? it's giving . . . clarity.​

  • action. You know what you want. What now? Simple next steps with support.

Life is tricky. 

Give yourself a boost. Book a session with Corri. 

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  • what are Corri's qualifications?

    •  co-active coach training with CTI in 2015, 8 years of coaching experience, 10 years of facilitating/teaching/mentoring,.an Honours BA from McMaster University, an MA from the University of Waterloo in Social History. Cori has been teaching, coaching, mentoring and facilitating for twenty years. ​

  • what is it like to work with Corri?​

    • scroll down to see what Corri's clients say about their work together ​

  • what does a coaching session cost?

    • your full attention & willingness to dive in​

    • $90-130 sliding scale or bartering (case-by-case)​​

  • how do I book a session?​

    • please email Corri using the form above. ​

  • where do sessions take place?​

    • on Zoom​

    • in person

    • on the water (kayak or SUP; additional charges apply)

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Client Testimonials

  • "Corri is extraordinarily insightful. She gracefully pulls people out of whatever small problem they're fixated on, guiding clients to see the bigger picture of who they are, and how they're unfolding to become that person. I thought I had a high degree of self-awareness, but Corri's gentle intelligence and expert guidance unlocked something buried deep; the self realizes greater, deeper potential to tap into with this life coach. Corri's unparalleled questions, empowering take-aways, and perceptive interpersonal skills are well worth your time."  ~ Blythe H.

  • "I have been so encouraged by Corri's life coaching and communication style. Corri is a very thoughtful, consistent, and wise presence in my life. I really appreciate her ability to focus on specific areas of growth and to encourage and empower me in active and helpful ways. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking growth and change in their life."    ~ Sarah M., Victoria BC

  • "As a fellow coach, I was deeply impressed by Corrina's integrity and intuition, gently creating the space where insight happens and change starts. Her radiant nature inspires to open up. I felt like I was meeting a good friend and an old soul."  ~ Uwe G., Vancouver BC

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Writing by the Window

Interview with a Client: Nicole H.

Q: Nicole, what surprised you in the process of working with a coach?  

A: "Rather than becoming a different person, I feel like coaching has helped me to be more myself."

Client Testimonials

  • "It is with much enthusiasm I provide my personal recommendation and support for Corri as a life coach. Corrina takes a genuine heartfelt approach as a life coach, encouraging meaningful reflection while proving a safe comfortable space to explore. During my life coaching session, I dug into spaces of myself that had not been readily uncovered. From this I gained a deeper understanding about myself and was able to purposefully create goals that aligned with my values, personal expectations and hopes for the future. Corri truly shines as an individual and as a life coach. Thanks for your support Corri! I am grateful our paths have crossed.   ~ Breanne K., Victoria BC

  • "Corri's a natural at coaching. She is effective, professional, insightful, trustworthy and wise in her coaching style. I used to think life coaching was an unnecessary extra but have learned over the years that it can be a great practical help to move forward in any area of life."  ~Rachel D, Toronto ON

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