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Small Town Kid, UNTIL Magazine: Welcome

Small Town Kid, UNTIL Magazine

June 10, 2020

Growing up on a pig farm in small-town Ontario was a rich experience that shaped Lobbezoo and her siblings.

This short vignette of visiting the tiny town of Lynden, two kilometres or a few minutes drive from the farm, was written by Lobbezoo in response to a writing prompt in 2019. 

Read the full piece here, on page seven.

Small Town Kid, UNTIL Magazine: Project

UNTIL Magazine

UNTIL Magazine has this to say about Issue 5: Memory:

"The last three months has been unprecedented (to say the least) for so many reasons. Of course the global pause has been an amazing moment to behold; not since the Industrial Revolution have our skies been so clear, and the average workload so curtailed (for good and bad). . . . we are living through unforgettable times." 

"Please enjoy this special issue of Until... 
In the meantime, we also encourage all of our readers to think about the various ways we can contribute to the ongoing racial and social inequalities in our own neighbourhoods."

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