"The Calm before the Storm: Reflections on DP at the Start of a New Term"

Jan. 2011

A second poem about the University of Waterloo's library Dana Porter, this one in the style of "The Night Before Christmas."

This poster was displayed in Dana Porter Library. See poster here


‘Twas two weeks past Christmas but all through DP

Scarcely anyone stirred (except to buy coffee).
The students had crammed and labored over essays;

Though Term 2 has begun, they remain in a daze.

The staff waits, enjoying a little respite
For hordes of undergrads will soon surge into sight,

Start storming the library (which looks like a fortress),

Bearing coffee, assignments, laptops and stress.

The quiet lobby, the vacant seventh floor
Will soon be buzzing with scholars galore;
For midterms come quickly, assignments even faster;

DP collecting dust would signal disaster.

So back to old Porter, we will flock, we will flee,

Finding refuge in her walls to gain that degree.

Corri Lobbezoo